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Thread: is this where all the motrin is? 48 y.o in pain.

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    is this where all the motrin is? 48 y.o in pain.

    well as stated 48 y.o man who has been in and out of gyms since the dawn of time. so now instead of being a kid screwing around with multiple cycles am now on HRT. testosterone 200mg IM weekly. well like my father use to say "its tough getting old." my joints are frickin killing me. worse is my medial epicondylitis "golfers elbow" is F*CKED. sure took 2 months of weights and just cardio and not a damn change. used every support band...etc etc. now i recall in the past being told about test being dentrimental to collagen formation. looking for any miracle cures to aid in this crap. i have read up on nandrolone and it's ability to heal. any advice greatly taken. hopefully from some people from my era who can relate.


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    hah im 46 similar situation to yourself, constant niggles in joints with lots of milage on them, I just posted in the supplements forum for another question, check out mega cissus from my protein, I had constant bicep tendon issues and shoulder issues from surgerys past etc nothing was touching it, including nandrolone (deca ) I heavy dosed mega cissus and by the third week the magic happened, literally woke up one day pain free, didn't even realise for one moment, but at the point in training when the pain usually started, ie anything over 10kg dumbells per arm, the pain wasn't there.. it was approx. £20 delivered. I was put onto it by one of the competing older guys in my gym and ive passed it on to a few people now of a similar age circumstance, hopefully it will work for you too, if not its not cost you a lot of cash.
    if it does work, do me a favour and drop me a quick message to let me know ;-)

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    thanks alot!!! will definitely look into this.

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