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    on the water

    40th. b-day 1st cycle in 20 years, please help

    Hi Im a newbie looking for good advice. I will be 40 in oct., am 6ft. tall 194 lbs. and between 12-15% bodyfat. I eat 4-5 times a day a high protein diet lowcarbs,but lots of steamed veggies. total cals about 2000-2500, and 200-250 g. protein/day. My only previus cycle was a 8 week decca only 20 years ago w/ good results.

    my present cycle plans are:
    week 1-4 d-bol 20-25mg./day
    1-6 decca 200mg/wk
    1-12 test cyp 250mg/wk
    6-12 winny 50mg eod
    1-12 arrimidex either 1/2 tab daily or 1 tab eod
    1-8 propeccia
    8-14 hcg 1,250 twice weekly
    14-16 clomid 50mg. twice daily
    1-24+ 3iu hgh in am daily

    other supplements zinc and red wine extract 200mg w/ 200mg of dim. lipoic acid.and nitrix
    other rx available
    1) all versions of test
    2) anadrol
    3) anavar
    4) halotestin
    5) fluoxymesterone

    my gaols are to make the most of my first cycle while trying to minimize side effects. I dont want to be huge but would lile to edge out shannon sharpe or ll cool j. would also like to see single digit body fat.

    thx in advance tropical itch
    pms welcomed

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    Tropical Itch,
    I would up your dosages on just about everything. Although the d-bol is harsh on the liver you really might want try taking in at least 35mg a day. Anyless and you most likely will not see the strengh gains that you should.
    Test Cyp is some what stronger than test enthante so I could'nt say for sure however 250 mg still seems very low. I useually run 400 mg per week which is the useual dosage for those just starting out and I have several cycles all ready under my belt. I do not intend to up the doseage unless I begin to fail to see the gains that I know I should be and so far everything has been great.

    Your winstrol is set at 50mg a day and this I would lower to no more than 25mg per day. Even with the test Cyp. in your system, winny is way to catobolic and at 50 mg a day you most likely will burn off alot of muclemass along with any fat that you intened to lose. It's just kinda of counter productive you know. One thing fighting one another is trying to gain.
    The Armidix is great for keeping the water retention down and you will need it with this cycle. This is somthing that I would run everyday (.5mg = 1/2 tab). You will need this to stay within your system on a regular basis and taking it everyother day even at 1 whole pill is not what you are looking to accomplish as water rention can seem to occur almost overninght further on in your cycle.

    About the clomid- Unless you are seeing signs of geno I would only use this post cycle. No use in wasting good clomid when your test levels are allready so high in your system while on cycle that they will counter any bad sides that occur.Save this for when you are starting to come off cycle and the test levels begin to drop due to fewer injections.
    As for everything else I can not say as I do not have any personal experience with these drugs.
    ( Did I say Drugs???? Excuse me, let me restate that
    S U P P L E M E N T S as we in the gym like to refer to them as!)
    Anyway, thats my take on it. My expertise is in dieting and nutrition so I would highly recommend speaking to one of the anabolic mods as they are incline to advise you better than I. I do believe that most would agree with the dosage issue though. Good luck.
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    I thought propecia and deca were a no no together!? recepie for hairloss

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    propecia and deca ... no no

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    deca for 6 weeks?

    am i reading this right? bro, you'll just be getting started with gains when you stop the deca. as for everything else, listen to tobey.......he knows his ****.

    peace I4L

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