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Thread: Anapolon

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    I posted a few months ago about how I'm always pretty cut, and how I wanted to get a lot more bulk. Well I have the answer. I'm 52 and find it harder to get and keep bulk than it used to be. I'm on week four of a Sus/Decca/ Anapolon stack. I started the Anapolon 7 days ago and in that week have put on 8 lbs ! Already looking much bigger, less lean. It's going to be good by week 12 !
    I know Anapolon is scary stuff, so I'm also taking tamoxifan and milk thistle ( for the liver ) Only going to be on Anapolon for 4 weeks, that's enough for something so powerfull !
    Lots of you guys will be saying" whats he complaining about, being cut "
    but its all about what you want to be. The look I'm getting is what I want.
    Anyway, any of you got any tales of anapolon, good or bad?
    I'm 6'1", 224 lbs ( now) c48, w34, b17.5 and 52 years young.

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    I'm on 100mg ED (first 4 weeks of my cycle) plus 700mg test e / week and 400mg eq / week. A50 is great stuff. I split the dosage 12 hours apart. I have gained 30lbs in the past from it but... it was a ton of water. I'm running noveldex and femera with it and it really helps.

    As far as stories... my hair feel out in patches the first time I used it...

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