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    PCT Question for the board

    I am a new member to this board and have a question.

    I just finished a Trenbolone cycle (1 cc EOD for 20 shots) and am having trouble getting my hands on Clomid. My supplier just bailed on my and I am coming off my cycle. I am taking Tiratricol and Methoxy to try to help with protein synthesis and blocking cortisol receptors. The only testosterone regulator I can get my hands on right now is Tribulus. I am taking 3000 mg a day. Is this going to be enough to regulate my HPTA or do I need to get Clomid still.

    Thanks for any advice,

    T Bone
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    Why did you not have the Clomid in hand prior to the cycle?? Tren only cycle is going to be a rough recovery even with the addition of Clomid..I would track down a supply of it ASAP as you are going to need to add it in your PCT..

    Doc M

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    if you are stuck on not getting clomid bro then order some from a research site. . its in liquid form and legal for all your "science experiments"

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