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    nother pct question

    ok so ive been on my pct in my 3rd week now.. running, clomid, tribulus, and nolva... i havnt lost much of my stregnth, actually my chest seems to be stronger then when i was on.. im benching more.. other workouts im not lifting less but just getting fatigue quicker.. so i havnt seen any strength loss but i am losing the weight.. i have dropped about 8lbs since my last shot.. the appetite just isnt there and i cant motivate myself or force myself to eat more.. any ideas??

    and also im glad that im not experiencing any side effects on the clomid.. i havnt felt anything different...

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    You better start eating brutha! If you don't eat enough calories you will lose muscle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodrow
    You better start eating brutha! If you don't eat enough calories you will lose muscle.
    Agreed, you need to eat... When I come off I lose alot of apetite so I consume a hell of alot more shakes. When I am on I only drink 1-2 shakes aday and the rest is food. when i am off I consume 4 shakes a day because I lose a meal or two each day.... I drink the GNC Pro Performance 2 scoops in 12oz of milk. I get 52g of protein and a good amount of carbs. Taste is awesome...Hope this helps...

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