Yo, just wanted to what I need for PCT. I've been on the following cycle:
400mg Test Cyp/Week
200mg Deca /Week

Both for 12 Weeks, then off for 3-4 weeks. No signs of gyno or nut shrinkage or impotency...

Now I've started the following cycle today:

50mg Winstrol EOD
76mg Tren EOD
1 Tab Proviron EOD

I asked my buddy who is hookin me up if I need any Clomid after my cycle of winny/tren and he said I don't need it cuz of the proviron. he also said that he's never used clomid after comin off a cycle and he's always lookin hard and shredded, mind you he does have a sheet of clomid if i "REALLY" want it...got any suggestions???