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    When is HCG necessary?

    My cycle:

    week 1-4 Thai Dbols @ 25mg/day
    week 1-10 Sust350 @350mg 1/2CC EOD
    10mg nolvadex daily.

    Clomid therapy three weeks after last sust350 shot ran as follows:

    Day 1 - 300mg
    Day 2-11 - 100mg/day
    Day 12-21 - 50mg/day

    Will I need HCG ? Will my balls not regain their full size without it

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    It's not need for a cycle like yours....... It's needed when you are using compounds that shutdown hormone production hard...... Like deca or fina...... It's also needed when running high dosed or very long cycles because you would have been shut down longer.

    On cycles like yours try running 4g of tribulus ED durring your cycle to help with testicular atrophy....... this will also help speed recovery.

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    I'm doing a similar cycle. What is tribulus ED ?

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    tribulus terrestris "every day"

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    I know this is an old thread but better to search than start I always say..anyhow, if taking 4 grams a day of tribulus should it be split evenly throught the day or just take 4 grams at once? Also does anyone feel this helps minimize testicular atrophy (basically do your boys shrink less)? The whole hcg thing seems quite complicated to me . My cycle will be as follows
    500mg test e/week-13 weeks
    400mg eq/week----12 weeks
    10mg nolva ed 13 weeks
    .25mg ldex/day 13 weeks
    standard clomid therapy + nolva @20mg/day tapered to 10 mg/day for last 2 weeks

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