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Thread: Clomids

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    Question Clomids

    I'm taking my first cycle of my life, Primobolan Depot and Ganabol (stacked). I did them in a 10 week cycle. Now, i'm having a hard time figuring out what i should do for post therapy. I have 30 pills of clomids, but i'm not sure on how to take them. I've seen in some posts that you can take them after your last shot, or you have to wait 2-3 weeks after your last shot to begin the therapy. And I've seen the Anabolic Review website on how to take the clomids under the Novice Cycles I, and it's different then what other people say. I don't know what to go by because it's my first time and i don't know if it makes a big difference of when and how much of clomids you have to take on the stack that I am doing right now. If anyone can help me out and let me know what i should do with the stack that i'm taking now for post therapy, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks

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    i hear you, Im in the same boat, except Im on Dianabol and Testosterone Propionate . can anyone help us both out? the clomid and nolvadex I found are both in liquid form....are they supposed to be injected??

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    NO! do not inject liquid clomid/nolvadex . That would really hurt if not harm you. Drink it.

    Do the 300/100/50 schedule. It's really what works the best.

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