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Thread: need help

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    need help

    i am doing 750mg of test e a weekfor 10 wksand 200mgwinnyfor 6 weeks i just want to know when is the best time to start nolva and how much a day should i take and also how long.

    thanks Mofo

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    Behind Ur booty

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    you should start taking the nolva right at the start of your cycle at 10 to 20mg/ed and at 20mg/ed during pct

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    hey bro, I would recommend taking nolva ONLY if signs of gyno start to manifest. I'd do 40mg ED to keep gyno (if is not too late )from forming. Novaldex is known for decreasing Igf-1 and growth hormone levels, YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!, Instead I if I am doing a cycle involving aromatizing ASS, I use .25mg of Arimidex (or the liquid version is fine) every night thruout my enire cycle, so far this practice is been successful. I was able to keep bloat and any gyno to a minmal if not none at all! I PCT with clomid only this way it helps me retain more muscle mass than stacking nolva and clomid together.
    Just want to be helpful, Peace

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