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Thread: clomid vs. hcg

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    Smile clomid vs. hcg

    wondering what is better for keeping muscles permanently. from what i hear the side effects can be pretty irritating with clomid.
    am i better off to shoot hcg ? if so how often and when do i shoot it keeping in mind im on an 8week sust cycle 1-4dbol with nolva ed, milk thistle etc.

    thanks for the help!

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    iv'e heard alot of things about clomid too but i had no bad effects from it myself

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    HCG will not recover HPTA functions....... HCG mimics LH so it will bring your testes back from atrophy..... this will help make your recovery a lot easier. Clomid raise LH levels which inturn will recover HPTA.

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