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    Blood test results

    My thyroid levels are all fine in upper 2/3 levels EXCEPT t-3 is at bottom end and **** drs will not do anything to help me becuase I am in the range. I have tried every thing from tyrosine, gugguls, kelp, coelskins, thyrotropin, 4 TBSP cocconut oil (standard processes) and nothing is working. Temperatures are around 97 degrees in the morning waking up and I freeze all day long, lost 20 lbs of muscle, gained alot of abdominal fat. Metabolsim is about 40% then normal but drs say I am fine. Least resort is either trying armour thyroid or some t-3 and monitoring my temperature to try to see if I can reset it some how. I have been to 5 different drs and they won;t do anything. t-3 80 (60-220). Any help be much appreciated. Back in october of 2003 I did take GH, EC stack, fina, winni, sus for contest prep and was under alot of stress. I think this might have some thing to do with it i am sure. Is the t-3 level in my blood indicator of what is being converted from t-4 to t-3 or is it an indication of amoount of just t-3 with out any conversion?
    morning temperature is 96.5 and adrenals are fine according to all my cortisol tests and adrenal test listed here. I did the iodine skin test and it was absorbed in less then 4 hours. And drs aren't willing to help becuase I am in the range.


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