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    HCG, Clomid and or Arimidex

    I'm new here guys and new at this whole thing! I've been lifting for 10 years -3 years hard - As many of us stuck at a certain weight and lifting the same weight week after week. 35 years old, 5"-6" 165lbs. The new me = 5'-6" 191lbs. and feeling large and in charge. Compounded Deca and Compounded Test Cyp for the last 8 weeks combined with a proper diet. I have spent numerous hours day in and day out researching this cycle before and during administration, with friends at the gym, library, purchased publications and internet. 3 weeks from now I will be cycling off and need help keeping a large percentage of the gains.

    My Plan - I have a 10000u vial Novarel (HCG ) and I can get Clomid and Arimidex . I was going to taper my dosages of Deca and Test so as not to crash too hard and 7 days following the last injection hit the HCG. Also, Clomid for 20 days following the last injection. All that I have read and heard tells me this is pretty good PCT.

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance this site has been helpful.

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    HCG needs to be taken while "on"
    Clomid ran 300, 100 x 10days, 50 x 10 days.
    Arimidex should have been run throughout your cycle to keep off bloat and prevent gyno.

    You need to research the start time for clomid following deca , I believe it is three weeks after your last shot, but I am not positive. I believe Cyp is the same, but I have not used either.

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    Cyp and deca have similar active lives, so starting pct 21 days after the last shot of each is fine.
    Read Pheedno's pct....then do it exactly as stated. You can incorporate HCG prior to starting clomid (during the 3 week window you have after your last injection).

    Do not taper:

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    Thanks for the advice. I did more research yesterday and pretty much came up with the same suggestions. Again, thanks a bunch.

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