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Thread: PCT for M4OHN

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    PCT for M4OHN

    Hi all- Im Matt, this is my first post to these forums
    I am about to start a M4OHN and 1test cycle and am trying to decide what for pct. I have read all pheednos pct stickies and have done my research but since M4OHN is so new I cant decide if should run clomid/nolva or some 6 or 7 oxo for pct. Ive never had a chance to run clomid/nolva.

    I chose M4OHN instead of M1t which I was considering because I would like to keep water weight down since its summer. It seems an interesting product (I havent yet ordered so I'm still going back and for between the two until I have the option of getting some from DS, and reading more about it till then)

    I have previously ran cycles of ph only and followed up with 6oxo- I've never had a chance for clomid/nolva but after reading pheednos info (thanks!) I am thinking I would like to do things "proper"- would like some help from you more experienced ones out there

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    I think you should be good with 3 weeks of pct consisting of:
    300-100-50 clomid split
    20 mg nolvadex ED

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    do waste your money on it!!! i started with 4mgs as they said went up to 56mgs with nothing. was to i was a non- responder, if was better than anavar i think i would of felt something???

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