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    Check Up Results: Help!

    What is up folks,
    Just got back my check up results and blood work, after a 24 week stint of heavy AS use. The AS consisted of Anadrol 50, Test prop, deca , and Winny. My concern is I have been off for four weeks and decided to have blood work done. Everything is up and up except for my HDL levels and liver values. The doctor told me my HDL levels were at 7 and this was the lowest she has ever seen. Also, she told me my liver was at 62, 20 above normal, I did not get prescribed any medication. I have been advised to dicontinue ANY supplements including creatine, glutamine, ect... After I discontinue I will return for another blood exam. What do these numerical results mean? And how can I remedy it?

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    Although you didn't specify, I'd assume by liver values, you are referring to ALT or AST, which will both be elevated and are nothing to worry about IMO, as long as all kidney funtion lab results are normal. Your HDL is pretty bad. What are you doing for cardio? Is your diet as clean as could be? You should be using policosanol. Did you run nolva during pct?

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