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    Fully recovered?

    How long would it it take for a person to say has gotten back to "normal" after pct? If you could move almost the same weight at day 30 of pct as wee while on, then would it be safe to say one has kept most of his gains?

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    Well, your endocrine system might be fully recovered, but that doesn't neccesarily mean you will keep all of your gains. Wait a few months, your body won't retain all the muscle you gained unless its close to the normal amount you should have for your genetics. Thats why guys keep doing cycles and gradually add more and more muscle with each one (as well as cut more and more bodyfat), the body will only hold a certain amount of mucle, and you need gear to get passed that.

    But if you haven't lost any gains and your PCT is complete, you do have a good chance of maintaining a lot of your gains. Just don't be suprised if 8 months from now you find yourself not looking like the comic book superhero you were when you were on cycle.

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