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    My PCT questions

    I'm going to follow the STICKY'd PCT thread but I was curious should I still try to eat like a freak during PCT?

    Also would t3 (to cut) be a bad idea during PCT.

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    u should keep ur calories up durin pct

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    Yes for a few reasons......

    One like unhcj stated you should keep your calories higher so not to get into a catabolic state when going through PCT.

    T-3 without AAS will eat up muscle.... and while trying to recover HPTA fuctions this isn't too smart

    Also shutting down your thyroid durring PCT isn't a good idea as well.

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    I have read on this site that calories should be reduced pct, along with workout volume/intensity.

    now i am confused
    here is the quote below

    "After discontinuance of the steroid intake the metabolism will go back to normal. This means that the athlete should reduce his daily caloric intake over the course of several days by 25-30%. The protein supply, however, should still be relatively high at 1- 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight per day."

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