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    deca dick 6 weeks after last inject?

    I'm a steroid newbie, and in a country where test is hard/impossible to get, so did the ill-advised deca only cycle (8 weeks with 400mg/week), with middle four weeks on Andriol (240mg/day). PCT started 3 weeks after last injection with clomid only (200mg first day, then 100/day for one week, and then 50/day for 10 days). Gained 15 lbs, kept 10.

    Here's the problem. I had no problem with libido all through the cycle, but after i stopped, i can hardly get it up, and when i do, it's pathetic. It's been 6 weeks since my last injection and my last good hard-on. Any ideas?

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    that happened to my roomate, get trib and use 6 g's ed, run clomid 100 mgs ed for 30 days, did you use b 6?

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