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Thread: PCT Question

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    PCT Question

    Ending my 9th week of test/deca been taking 20 mg of nolv ed and gonna run clomid pct 300 1st day 100 ed now my question is I dont have any Nolv left for pct..if I use clomid only will I still keep most of my gains?

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    u'll be fine. just stick with the clomid for about 3 more weeks. you don't need the nov. I just like it because I feel like my nips bug me up to 4-5 weeks after my last shot. I just came off about 8 weeks ago. I did clomid for 3-4 weeks @ 50mg's ed. Retainted about 70-80% of what I put on. If your ending the (last shot I'm assuming) 9th week, then you need to wait about 3 more weeks before you start the clomid bro.- depending on the type of test? cyp- i wait like 2 1/2 weeks, test e I wait 3 weeks, sust, i wait 3 weeks then start.

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    I would suggest nolvadex during your PCT. Reason is clomid has a specific function as oppossed to nolvadex although they are both SERM's. Studies show clomid to be the weaker of the binding action to ER and nolvadex to be it's primary function. Clomid's purpose is to stimulate LH levels while nolvdex purpose is to bind to the ER.

    During post cycle your test levels decrease dramaticly as well as your own system producing none. At this time your body compensates by a flush of estrogen. I call it the estrogen back lash. During the back lash you can incur such side effects as gyno or other estrogen related problems. Also, to help retain gains longer and quickly restore your HPTA a nolva/clomid combo is ideal.

    In my opinion, nolvadex is needed.

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