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    still having problems after pct

    hey folks its time for me to get some advice. i did a 13 week cycle consisting of
    anadrol wk1-4 at 50-100 mg/day
    cyp wk 1-9 750/wk10-13 1000/wk
    fina wk 7-13 75/day

    i finished initially with 4 weeks of pct with clomid at typical doses and nolva at 40mg/day. i waited a few weeks, and still had little sex drive so i decided to do 4 more weeks of nolva at 40mg and dex at .25mg. still no change. now ive decided to try femara (its all i have left) and B6 in case its prolactin related. ive just started this last one but im feeling discouraged. my mood has been ****ty, my girlfriend is bummed because my sex drive sucks, ive lost nearly 20 pounds since i came off, and i cant start another cycle until i have this stuff under control. if this current attempt doesnt work im planning to do an anavar bridge until i can figure something else out. anyone have any suggestions?

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    I had the same problem and my doctor gave me Hcg 1500 U.I. eod .It was ok for me .
    Don't forget to do blood test for your testo levels so you can define the time you have to stop .I run it for 12 weeks .Be aware that Hcg have the same side effects (gyno etc ) such as injectable testo.

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    Also you can try some proviron for the first 3 weeks (75 mg ed). It's by far the best for libido .

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