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    Has anyone ever ran HCG by its self?? with no anti Es?

    Has anyone ever ran HCG by its self?? with no anti Es? If you were going to do this how would you do it? Is clomid enough anti E? to run with hgc ? Can you run hcg and clomid together?
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    Clomid is not an antiestrogen and can not be ran along side clomid. HCG mimics LH and is only a temporary fix to testicular atrophy. Clomid's actions stimulate LH levels correctly and will be hindered greatly by HCG actions and may push off clomid as an antiestrogen only. This will also be a inhibitory response because clomid is a weak antiestrogen and studies have shown it can not compete for the ER as well as nolvadex another SERM. Clomids shown purpose or specific action is to the stimulation of LH.

    You can run HCG during cycle or just before PCT only. Clomid is used for PCT administraion post cycle along side an antiestrogen or AI. There are good reads in the stickies in this forum. Read Pheedno's PCT and AI/SERM definition for a better understanding and explanation. There are three stickies and I suggest you read them all. They are very explanatory and informational if you are going to be in this kind of business.

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