First running test prop. 300mg/wk
EQ 400mg/ 8 days
Nolva 10mg ed

im on my 5th week and gonna run the eq for 2 more weeks and keep the test goin for another 2 weeks after the last eq shot. I have a s***t load of nolva and liquid clomid........can some one help me out on my much nolva..i was thinkin 20mg 2 days after my last test. shot and how much clomid...300mg? then 100mg? then 50mg...? something like other thing im 20yrs old 200lbs 13%body fat i was told im not taking enough test then others told me im takin enough for my first cycle...ive only gained about 6lbs in 5 weeks despite insomnia im attributing to the sleep=no gains... any help would be greatly appreciated....thanx