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    help with PCT (short cycle)

    im about to finish my short cycle of:

    25mg oxandrolone/ED
    400mg equipoise /EW

    last 3 weeks stacked with 400mg testosterone prop/weekly

    im taking tamoxifene and will start as soon as the cycle´s over 5000ui of HCG

    something missing?

    there´s not much testosterone in this cycle, so the Post cycle shouldnt be so hard, please correct me if im wrong!


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    yeah you need to run clomid. 3 weeks after you last eq shot
    300mg for 1 day
    100mg for 10 days
    50mg for 10 days
    10mg of nolva ED and taper it down as you end pct

    you can run hcg prior to your clomind but not in that 3rd week when you start pct with clomid.

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