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    Test/DBol cycle pct

    hey bros,

    I was just wondering if. I were run Novladex, Tribulus and Armridex if everything would be fine and I would recover fast or if I should throw in some clomid??

    Thanks for your time...

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    Physical_Specimen is offline Junior Member
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    Nolvadex and armidex are both anti-estrogens . . . why use both? one is enough

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    But they do work differently. I usually use both nolva and arimidex during cycle -- it definitely doesn't hurt at all and both are cheap. I would however get clomid for PCT.

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    clomid is non-negotiable to any pct regiment. don't ever down play the significance of clomid. toss the a'dex and run your pct like this and begin pct exactly 2 wks after your last shot of test:

    day 1 of pct: 300mg clomid
    days 2-11: 100mg clomid
    days 12-21: 50mg clomid

    as for nolva, run it at 20mg/ed during pct. also, run trib at 4g's ed during pct and 4 wks after pct

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