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    M1T and m4ohn, pct help

    I am currently on a 3 week M1t cycle at 30mg a day. I have my Nolva ready for after week 3 and some other stuff for PCT. My question is, can I go into a cutting cycle with M4OHN and Clen right after my M1Test cycle. I can take the Nolva, Clen, and M4OHN. Will this work? Will it keep me from crashing? I want to bulk up using the M1Test, which is working really well, and then try and drop the water weight without losing to much strength. ANY SUGGESTIONS.

    Age: 28

    Weight: 230

    Bench: 225x 18

    350 max

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    Hey finish PCT then try to cut. Use no more than 40 mcg of clen in PCT. You want to lower cortisol and not burn fat. After 4 weeks bump it up. I would suggest clomid

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