Hey guys,

Here's a PCT I drafted for my PCT test e, 750mg/week kicked started with drol for 3 weeks. Also please dont yell at me and tell me clomid 300/150/50. I've run that PCT before, I broke out, I was depressed, I couldnt see straight from the tracers, it was horrid so I've tried to use as little clomid as possible

Without further waiting...
btw, 2 weeks after last inject this happens

40mg nolvadex Days 1-14
150mg clomid day 1 3caps/3day
6g tribulus day 1 10caps/10day
100mg clomid days 2-4 6caps/2day
5g tribulus days 2-4 24caps/8day

50mg clomid days 5-14 10caps/1day
3g tribulus days 5-14 50caps/5day

20mg nolvadex 14-28
3g tribulus 14-28 70caps/5day

1.3g tribulus 29-84 110caps/2day

I ran the PCT(real chemicals) out to one month, and continued the trib for 3 months b/c I take lots of time off(one cycle a year, no crazyness here).

I have 20tabs of clomid 50mg
50tabs 20mg nolvadex
300caps trib at 625mg(the cheap stuff).

Please let me know what you guys think. I'm trying to use alot more nolvadex then clomid just due to my issues.