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    Question pct for pro hormone cycle

    Fixing to stack m1-T 60pills 5mg putting into 21 days and 250mgs of 4ad/day
    the cycle will last 3 weeks total.
    for pct i have one bottle of 6-oxo, 50ct 50mg clomid, and 20 noveldex
    how should i structure the pct treatment or should i take some novel; or 6-oxo during the cycle?any advice will help

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    I took my 6-oxo back to the store, and traded it for Protien. I have used it before, but the nolva and clomid are the way to go. I have kept most of my gains without altering my calorie intake Post Cycle
    Here's what I did...

    Weeks 1-4 -20mg Nolva ED
    Day 1 -300mg Clomid
    Day 2-11 - 100mg Clomid ED
    Day 12-21 - 50 mg Clomid ED
    MILK THISTLE - 1000mg ED

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