I have been on HRT for several months ongoing now, but in the past, when I stopped, I could get my test levels back to normal.

I am just finishing up a cycle of 10 weeks @ 500mg Test. (after a few months of 100 mg/week of HRT)

I have been reading that prolonged cycles could benefit from the use of HCG .

I don't have access to HCG but I do have Repronex. (I have 3 weeks worth).

I understand HCG mimics LH, but Repronex is actually 75 IU of FSH and LH.

Would this work in the place of HCG?

Also, the Repronex I have is 2 years past the expiration date. Will this still have any potency, or will it be bad?

I do have liquid Clomid and Nolvadex too I will be using.