My cycle was as follows;

TEST PROP 150mg/ ed Weeks 1-12 (I am at mid week 8)
TREN 50mg/ed Weeks 1-7 (ran out)
ANADROL 100mg/ed Weeks 5-7 (during camp)

I ran out of anadrol and its been 3 days since my last dose but i got some more today. I am wondering if i should just save it for next cycle or run it a bit longer. I am sitting at about 245 with practice everyday. My main reason for running my cycle was to gain strength back after an injury b4 camp and i havent come off. I want to use HCG in this next PCT but i want to time it right and have everything so that i dont loose too much while still going through the season. I need some suggestions on how to approach my PCT; do i taper down the prop first, and when. Please dont comment on my cycle as i know it was not the best but under my circumstances it was my best option. Testing is in october and i know i may be screwed from the anadrol but take that into consideration too please.