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    Cut cycle PCT question

    Hi Guys. I have been a reader for some time, finally decided to write. I enjoy learning as much as posible so please feel free to go deep with the responce. PCT gear has been very dificult to obtain in my area in the past. I now have access to it. Several cycles have been run without it (I know, I know). The strange thing is that I never experienced a crash coming off cycle before, and have yet to run into gyno symtoms, knock on wood. Anyway I don't want my luck to run out so I am getting all PCT gear before hand this time. I will be running the following program:

    Weeks 1-6
    Winny 100mg ED
    Test Prop 100mg EOD
    Clen ramping from 2mcg ED up to 10 mcg ED and back.

    Looking for a good cut, while maintaining, and hopefully increasing slightly strength. I am 5'11" and weigh 205. Body fat % is too high. This will be run on a low cal diet with ballanced carb / protein, and low fat. Other supplements include protein , creatine , and multi V.

    Every person is different, and I am unsure if my previous lack of PC side effects would effect the suggested PCT this time. Also if anyone has suggestions for the cycle please post up.

    Thanks for you time.

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    Bump, any advice would be greatly apreciated.

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    Your cycle is not set up correctly try this
    Weeks 1-8 test prop 100mg ed
    Weeks 2-8 Winny 100mg ed
    3 days after last shot start PCT as follows
    Week 1 300 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg
    Week 2 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 100 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg
    Week 3 50 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg/ 50 mg

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    I' ve read in CME by L. Rea that the best for cutting fat and increasing lean mass is any IGF-1 producing androgen such as Tesosterone Propionate combined with an anti-estrogen in this case I'd would choose Femara or Formestane, they both increase iGF-1 by 24% to 28%. I am currently on it and I lost about an inch off my waist in one week, getting tight and hard I love test prop! from now on It will be the only form of test i will use.

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