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    anybody ever heard of cortizon

    a guy that claims to be a member on the board that goes to my gym says he and many other people will take cortizon shots to ease the pains of lifting and so forth... and i asked a nurse and they sed it is to gain muscle mass. CAN I HEAR THE TRUTH PLEASE. do not know whats true and what isnt

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    oh **** i loved cortizone

    had it in my ankle twice when i played ball in college. pain went away in about 1 minute. i couldn't walk into the doc's office before the shots and after it was administered i could have danced out of there. good **** for me. i have been toying with the idea of having it in both shoulders now

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    Yeah, haven't you seen Varisty Blues. I believe that's what the team medic was shooting in the QB's knee so he could keep playing

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