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    ARR clomid question??

    I just purchased clomid form the ARR site....I will be finishing a 12 week deca /test cycle soon . This was my first cycle ever and Ive been reasearching pct. Im looking at doing clomid around the 20th day after my last injection at 300mg ed (100mg @ am-afternoon-pm) until the bottle is gone...roughly 3 weeks. Do you think this will be sufficent?? and what are your thoughts......


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    That's alot of clomid(300mg ed for 3 Weeks). IMO you should run 300mg on day 1, 200mg on day two, 100mg on day 3, and then 50mg ed for 2 weeks. I think and please anyone correct me if I'm wrong..but i think two weeks is the longest you want to do clomid therapy.

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    3 weeks.....(36 50mg tabs total).......300mg day 1, 100mg days 2-11, and 50mg days 12-21.....also would be wise to run 20mg of nolva everyday during PCT as well.....

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    I have found the best results by using pheedno's schedule but I changed three things.

    1. I don't start my pct, when using long lasting esters until 4 weeks out.
    2. I use 100mg clomid 2x daily after initial 3 days @ 100mg 3x daily
    3. I use H.C.G. while I'm on cycle and after clomid therapy. 2000iu/wk

    This setup yeilds a superfast rebound pct. I get a check up at an endocrinologist 3 weeks after pct and my test levels are always stable at normal. I get almost no testicular shrinkage with this routine as compared with many others. Also, if your taking deca , pump 200mg B6 the entire time to keep progestrone/prolactin levels in check. Deca lasts super long in your system, which makes recovery hard. I try to use gear that's shorter lived in the system. Read everything that Pheedno wrote about negative feedback loops and PCT. His writings will give you the info you need to get a pct routine that works great for you.

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