my current cycle is:
1-12 600mg/week Test400
1-10 300mg/week Deca
10-14 50mg/EOD Winny
nolva 10mg and b6 200mg (through-out)

im also running QV Anadrol for 14 days at 75 mg for 9 days then 150 mg for 5 days - starting week 6 ( i dont bloat and the orals kick in with the test and deca )

PCT: 18 days after last test shot
Nolva - 30 mg ED for 5 days, then back down to 20mg ED
Clomid - 300/100/50 (3 week)
Supplements - ZMA, Trib (3-5 g ED), Creatine (loading during PCT), Glutamine (entire cycle and PCT)

my questions are:

1.) Are there any other supplements i should add to PCT to boost test or to keep gains?

2.) How effective is clen in helping keep gains? should i add it to my PCT?
opinions on clen for PCT?