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Thread: Clomi Dosage

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    Question Clomi Dosage

    From what I have seen from all these other Clomi related threads, I havent seen any of the "Anabolic Guru's" post what the dosage is for Clomi off of the, LIKE some other guy said, how is any business going to send a product wrapped in a newspaper and then in a zip-lock bag? I mean, if you're gonna put it in newspaper, u could at least put something on ur website or somewhere about the dosage....They could have at least but it in some kind of package and bubble-wrap ? BUT BACK TO THE DOSAGE comes with a little syringe to withdraw the Clomi out, what would the dosage be if i used that lil ass syringe, it says 1 mL....but on another thread somebody said it was like 35 mgs or somethin like that, I need Somebody who knows that they are talking about to answer this thread so the basic questions on Clomi can be answered

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    anabolic research clomid comes in a bottle which contains 70ml,each ml is 35mg of could use it at 3ml/day(105mg) for 30 this dose you need 2 coud also use 3ml/day for 14 days and 1 1/2ml/day(52.5mg) for 14 this dosing schedule 1 bottle would pheedno's sticky on pct.

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