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    problem going #2

    Jusy got off a 11 week cycle of test enath 500mg a week. Every thing has been going great besides one thing. I just started pct a week ago now
    Taking nolva, clomid and L-dex. Getting to the problem.. one magical day I had to go #2 but could not go. It did not feel like constipation. I basically had a turtle head pocking out but could not drop it for the life of me. A gruling 5-10 min later it finally came out. this happened about 5 days ago after my 1st day of clomid at 300mg. Was it the clomid? It has not happened again but it does seem harder to go #2. WTF is going on? Any help/advice much appreciated.
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    take easy bro, u are afraid, read about drugs secondary efeccts

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