I am almost done my First Cycle. I Mostly followed the Novice Cycle off the site.

I Took 250mg Of Test Enathate A week For 10 Weeks, With 20mg Of D-BOl A day For the First 4 Weeks, And 10mg of Nolva a Day The Whole Time. Sunday will be my last test shot, Number 10. I was Going to continue to use the Nolva 10mg a day for the rest of the 5 weeks as it says to do in this cyle. I am also going to do the Clomid Theropy for weeks 13-15. But here is my Question. Some of my boys are telling me to use a Hcg with or after the clomid theropy. 1 Shot A week for 3 weeks of the HCG. This isnt a problem i have Access to Pregnly. My Questions Are; Is the HCG's Nessasary for such a small cycle? I have it anyway so if it helps i dont mind using it. Also When Should I Take The HCG. With the Clomid, After, What? And last but probably most important. Someone Told me to mix the 1 ml ampule of powder with the 1ml ampule of liquid and inject the whole thing. Is that to Much? Not Enough? And should i do that 3 times within 3 weeks? Please Help Me Guys Thanx For Reading so much.