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Thread: Deca Gyno

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    Arrow Deca Gyno

    I was told that taking vitamin B6 when also taking deca will take care of gyno.
    Is that the only thing needed to stop gyno?
    I plan on also taking Nolvadex .

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    Not a well known name.
    200mg of B6 should be good for preventing deca gyno. If you have test in your cycle (as you should), you should take nolvadex for test gyno. They are different. Do a search if you want a more detailed explanation.

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    test gyno----nolva
    deca gyno-----bromo

    you gotta know where your gyno is coming from before you can plan your attack against it. thats why i think its so important that someones first cycle should be test amd nothing else. that way you could see how you react to it and will know where your gyno is coming from in future cycles.

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