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    HCG after a long cycle....whats the best way

    Ok so i am finishing off this cycle i started in july;
    first 8weeks was prop/ tren at 200mg/75mg
    then i threw in anadrol during football camp to maintain weight and increase agression. I tapered off for about 2 weeks after runnign just prop at about 100mg ED, then i started taking omnadren at 250mg EOD with my prop at 150ED for about another 6weeks then i started winny at 100mg ED and have been running it for about 3 weeks. I am comming off the omnadren in about 1 week and then staying on the test/winny until dec 14th.

    My question is i have 10000IU of HCG , when and how is the best way to run it.

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    1000 U.I.eod for at least 6-8 weeks

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    i'm not contradicting anyone but 1000 iu's eod is too much, it can supressed ur natural levels, do clomid 1st, 300mg 1st day ,100mg 5days, 50mg for 22days then do 500iu's ed 5 days till u notice some improvement,
    i was on a long cycle too, did 1 for 7 months i had to worked my way out to recover fast...

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