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Thread: 5 weeks sust

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    Oct 2004

    5 weeks sust

    i was on sust for 5 weeks at 500mg per week ,i noticed great strengh gains and mild psychological rages no physical changes,i did not gain 1lbs ,my pumps after workout were great looked vascular and a bit leaner but no mass gain, i eneded up getting into a fight at a bar on the 5th week and broke my hand on the guy's skull from repeadinglly beating him, now cant work out and got off the cycle

    my question is do i need to do a recovery cycle since i was on for only 5 and half weeks

    and when should i start it

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    Justarting is offline Associate Member
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    Jun 2003
    well first off ur a moron, You give steroid users a bad name.

    Secondly, you're a moron again, since you halted your cycle about a week after the cheimcals(other than the prop in the sus) have kicked in which pretty much wasted you 5 weeks of sus.

    Thirdly, and finally you're a moron for not knowing that after 4 weeks the chemicals would have kicked in in yyour body, supressing test and requiring you to do post cycle therap.


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    Oct 2004
    how do you figure im giving steroid user a bad name all i said is that i didnt put on any weight , i did mention that my strengh when up and that i got great pumps after workouts ,the reason why i got off is because i broke my hand and cant train anything besides abs and legs ,i realize that 4 weeks is just the begining when you start noticing results , so why are you calling me a moron

    what i should of stayed on them and while not been able to train and get fat

    give your suggestion since you seem to be so smart

    tuesday of last week was the last time i shot and i still have vials what do you recomend ??

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    The reason why he is calling you a moron is because your blaming your mild psychological rages and fighting at a bar on steroids wich give us a bad name.

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