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Thread: Nolva/Clomid Q

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    Nolva/Clomid Q

    Should i take any of these while on my cycle or just wait till after im done and run them on PCT? (fyi: cycle of test,eq,winny,t3)


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    some people choose to run nolva only if they get signs of gyno and at the end for pct. i would run nolva during your cycle at 10 - 20 mg a day. if you experience itchy or puffy nips, i would bumo up the dosage to about 40-60 until signs go away, then back down. then at the end, for pct i would run the nolva and clomid. this is what works for me.

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    I use Nolva and Clomid for PCT and during cycle if I need it and I usually do.

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