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    longR3IGF-1 and PCT?

    i had this question in the igf,gh,insulin forum but would like feedback in regards to longr3igf-1 use during pct:-

    does longR3IGF-1 have any effect on the H.P.T.A. either positive or negative in relation to negative feedback loop?would it aid pct or hinder recovery?
    does the igf have a positive impact on recovery of the hpta or is it just beneficial to retaining gains made while on?
    my specific query is in regards to any effect in the recovery of endogenous testosterone .i am not suggesting not using conventional pct(hcg /nolvo,clomid etc) but specifically if igf-1 helps hpta recovery.

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    I just had the same ? that I posted above but, my question is on IGF1 lr3 or GH use in the place of Novla clomid and Adex. I had read a long time ago on the boards about bros that used IGF during cycle and they reported the immediate return of the testes while still in cycle but, Im hopin someone with more knowledge can shine some light on the matter for us

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