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    PH PCT situation

    Sorry for the long post, but I tried to put the background first.

    I finished a M1T/4AD combo about 19 days ago. Halfway through I experience some sensitivity and bumped the Nolva up to 60 mg for a while. I went ahead and bought more Nolva and Letro becuase there was now a small lump. I jumped on that at 2.5mg and 40mg Nolva hoping to reverse the lump.

    However, like an idiot with only half the information, I didn't stop the Letro for PCT. I continued to run the two at those dosages along with the old 300/100/50 clomid dosage.

    *My problem is that the lump is still there, and I'm on day 19 of PCT. I'm worried that the lump will get worse if I stop letro (estrogen rebound that some have mentioned). And to make matters worse, last night I had some issues with FlJr (first opportunity since I broke up with the gf mid cycle).*

    Could the Letro be interfering with my drive or recovery? And what do I do about discontinuing Letro safely.

    ....Kinda sad that I'm able to deal with lumps, but as soon as your **** stops working, PANICKED!

    Thanks guys...

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    this sounds like a good question for lion

    i would stop the letro and continue on with the nolva you might even run the nolv a week longer due to the fact of estrogen rebound and letro.

    your dick will be fine its just your running on low test levels right now stop thinking about it b4 it turns into a mental problem.

    this is JMO

    anyone else got any thoughts?

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    Thats kind of what I was thinking... Thanks!

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