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    letro during PCT?

    Hey guys got a quick question.

    I was doing 750mg test/450mg tren acetate. Got a nasty case of gyno, did 600mg ED b6, 120mg nolvadex (liquid so underdosed) for a solid week, no luck. So I decided to trash the cycle. I ordered femara(supposed to be good for both estrogen and prolactin gyno). Since it was test e, I have to wait 2 weeks before I start full PCT, currently on day 5 of 14(before pct begins), I've been running femara 5mg(I know its high but jesus you should see the gyno I'm dealing with). Can I continue to use a lower dose of femara during PCT or should I extend my cycle to another week of 250mg test e(very low dose) so I can continue using femara? I heard femara = to be used on cycle, not during PCT but that only gives me 2 weeks to attemp to combat this gyno and I fear it might take longer. PCT is pheednos of 100mg clomid ED 1-30, and i'm gonna bump up the nolva to 60,40,20 to prevent an estrogen rebound from the letro. Any help would be appreciated, I just don't know if I can use letro during PCT or to extend the cycle(basically using 100mg-200mg test every week to at least mimic natural test production so no more test converts to estrogen and makes gyno worse) and keep using it?

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