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    Nolva ed...pct...or keep on hand?

    Just started this cycle:
    1-4 dbol 25 mgs/day
    1-12 anavar 25 mgs/day
    1-12 omna 500/week (250 Sun./250 Wed.)
    1-10 Dec 300/week (300 Sun)

    For my PCt I have Clomid/Trib/ and Creatine. I am looking for opinions on Nolva from the experienced bros. Do you think I should be running nolva ed throughout cycle, during pct, or just keep it on hand in the event of signs of gyno? I am looking for an answer to this question but would also appreciate knowledgeable responses about adding or changing anything in my pct or cycle. I have read different ways to run Nolva and was curious to know what all of the more experienced bros thought I should do on a cycle such as this. As always, thanks for your time and knowledge. 22

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    taking the omna twice a week isnt enough. it needs to be shot EOD minimum cause of the short acting test ester. also increase the deca to 400mg/week. up the var to 40mg/day. and yes run the nolva throughout the cycle. rather safe than sorry.

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