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    Bit of an odd request

    I'm currently on HRT for Hypogonotropic Hypogonadism (low Testosterone ). I've had excellent results from Testosterone injections - it's changed my life basically. However Iím particularly sensitive to estrogen. Blood tests show levels are too high and I've had symptoms (nipple itchiness, the beginnings of gyno and severe bloating). Lowering the dose reduced the symptoms, but it also lowered the subjective benefits of the testosterone. The response of specialists? - tough luck. Considering how much the therapy has helped me, Iím not about to throw it all away.

    After a good deal of research and feedback, I've decided that Arimidex might work for me. At the very least I could lower estrogen a little and at the very best I might be able to do away with testosterone therapy altogether. However none of the doctors here I have spoken to will hear of it, despite the fact that many doctors are prescribing it overseas for people like myself with success.

    However what I have discovered is that they will prescribe Arimidex, if they believe I have already received it as therapy overseas (having recently moved here).

    So getting to my request. I'm asking someone to mail me an EMPTY Arimidex packet. This (and some paperwork) will help me 'prove' that I have been on the medication. In return I would be glad to send $50 to anyone who helps me out. If you are interested in helping out, please send me a private message. I think $50 for a stamp and a pack you would toss out is a good deal. I do not need to know your name or where you live, I can send the money, as cash, anywhere you like.

    I don't like having to do this, but when it comes to health I think most of us would do just about anything.

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    All you have to do is buy from a Research company here in the United States. Its really cheap like $100 for 2mg/ml@100ml

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    Unfortunately I don't live in the States. If I did, it would not be an issue. Arimidex (anastrozole) is not available here as a research chemical and customs authorities will stop any presciption meds or research chemicals like that from coming in via mail.

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    I have a script and take it but i only take half a pill a day so i dont get it in any box just comes in regular script bottle (pill bttle) with my name and all that info.would like to help but i dont see how

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    sent you a pm bcachot.

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