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    effects of cycling without pct?

    I got my cycle in order but cant get my hands on my pct till like a week after my cycle Test enthate 300 and deca 300. I Just wondering what some of the effects are without pct after a cycle. My buddy has been cycling on and off for about 3 years now and he has never pct'd. and i dnt really notice what the negative effects he tells me it dont matter he says he takes 6 oxo and it works for him he claims. Knock some sense into me and into him please thank

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    Dont start your cycle till you get all your gear and that includes your stuff for PCT. If you dont do PCT there are a number of things that can possibly happen:

    A) You lose alot of your gains that you worked so hard for.

    B) You dont ever fully recover and you can have a limp noodle, or just not enough ability to make your own testosterone . You are basically shut down.

    Both of these can happen or only 1 to some varying degree. But just the thought of Mr. Winky not working right or losing all that weight I put on is enough for me to make sure I have all the goodies in my hand before I start. So YES you do need PCT and dont use 6-oxo

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