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Thread: Cycle planning

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    Exclamation Cycle planning

    i'm planning on doing a cycle of andriol 8 tabs 4 times a week for six weeks
    and d-bol 5 tabs 4 times a week for six weeks
    i want to add some hcg 500iu once a week for six weeks to avoid testical shrinkage and novaldex 1 tab four times a week for six weeks
    Is this what i'm doing correct? if not where should i change the cycle?
    i also want to add clomid on week 7 and 8 one tab 4 times weekly + 1 tab of nolvaldex 4 times weekly

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    both of your compounds should be taken every day, not just 4 times a week. same thing with the nolvadex

    and since andriol doesn't aromatize, you probably won't need the nolva, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

    save the clomid until the end after you've completed everything

    how strong are all your tabs ?? andriol / d-bol / nolvadex ?

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