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Thread: PCT question

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    PCT question

    Are there any natural ways to jump your test production after a cycle. I have heard that there are certain product such as Milk Thissle that can be takin to combat gyno...true?

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    Not a well known name.
    There are no real effective ways to run PCT without nolva, clomid, etc. Milk thistle will help your liver, not your test production or gyno. You must run proper PCT.

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    If you dont run a PCT might as well not run a cycle.

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    There's nothing natural about the drugs that are taken to get huge, therefore there is nothing natural that should be taken as a part of pct (other than b6). Anabolics are powerful physique altering drugs, and it takes a regiment of powerful drugs to counter act their sides.

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    you have to do pct if you want to cycle, but if you want a natural supplement to go with pct, try tribulus.

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