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    PCT for my first cycle

    OK, i know all of you are probably sick of noobs like me asking what i should do for PCT...but i want to make sure i get this right.
    Starting next week i'm going on my first cycle:

    week 1-4 = 40 mg dbol
    week 1-10 = 500mg test (this is in an ether i think - 1 shot per week or maybe 2 250mg per week)

    Should i have nolva onhand now incase of gyno?

    When should i start clomid...2 or 3 weeks after last shot? and for how long?

    also can someone please explain the impotance of clen and letro?
    What do i need to be fully prepared

    Thanks a lot everyone

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    Yes have nolva start clomid week 12 i would follow pheednos pct its a sticky

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