Hey guys, I am new here, I was recommended to you guys from a friend that said you were the best. so here goes

I have been off cycle 9 weeks. Was on D-bol / winny tab stack. Yeah I know worst kind of cycle. Well I am paying for it now...

Did a 5 week PCT with clomid. Balls are back to size but sex drive is awful.

Started taking 4g Trib and Tongkat Ali a week ago. Still No Change....

I have HCG , plenty of Clomid & Nolvadex , & Proviron on Hand.

What in the hell can I do, I am so frustrated right now, please send me some advice ?

Someone advised me to hit the HCG 1st day at 5000 iu , then 500 iu every 2-3 days for 4 total shots ? Is this a good idea?

If the HCG is the answer what can I add to it or should I add anything?