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Thread: PCT Diet

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    Cool PCT Diet

    I am on week 9 of a 10 week sust/tren cycle, my first cycle ever. For this cycle, I wanted to put on lean muscle and not too much fat, which is why I took the tren. I did a good job, however, a six pack is still very far away, but it could have been worse. My diet consisted of carbs only in the morning, pre and post workout. On top of that, eating every 3 hours, between 500-600 g's of protein a day, 4000 plus calories. Oh yeah, I am 6'6 and 285. Before cycle I was 245-250.
    I consider this a bulking diet, as I have been consuming a massive amount of protein and calories, and carbs. To have a six pack, i eat almost no carbs. I also have been taking weight gainer type proteins and mixes post workout. I am extrememly satisfied with my gains, however, I am excited to start leaning out again. I really do miss my abs.
    But i read that changing diet during pct drastically could result in a huge amount of lost gains, soemthing I want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, do I have to keep my bulking diet all the way through my 3 week pct of clomid and nolva? Are there any changes I can make to start the leaning out process sooner? Could I maybe taper the carbs and protein week by week?Please give me some good advice because I am completely lost on this subject. My number one priority is to keep gains. If that means no abs for another month, it's well worth it if thats what it takes to keep gains.
    Much love for my bb brothers!

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    you can run clen with your pct.

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